Thursday, December 11, 2014

11 Story Fall: A Collection of Short Stories

Introducing "11 Story Fall: A Collection of Short Stories," a new book available for free today and tomorrow on Amazon. Written by Aarti Patel and Jason Petersen. Please check it out here, and any reviews are appreciated!

"There's no easy way to put the human dilemma. We strive for perfection, and we also want to live our lives. But really, the two are mutually exclusive. All around us we see ideals erected on pedestals, while we stand below and look up reverently at them. Who raises those unblemished falsities of life up there? We do—not nature—and it drives us nuts.

Each of these eleven short stories explores this theme. The lead characters are struggling not with trying to find themselves, but rather with facing a society hell bent on stripping them of who they already are. This conflict is especially real in the modern world. These eleven stories are a present day nose dive off those pedestals."