Monday, July 22, 2013

Catching Currents in Health and Life

Have you ever watched while a bird catches a current of wind to get where it wants to go? In one swift movement, the bird's wings can glide from one current to the next, just by naturally following the direction of the wind. The bird will swoop to the left and then way over to the right, without the changes in speed or direction looking forced or unnatural.

Even while we as humans do not have wings, we can still catch the metaphoric wind currents in our own lives to help us get where we want to go. Human nature, especially in the form of stuck thoughts, tends to dictate that change needs to be forced and that we have to make it happen. A gung-ho attitude in life is not a bad thing. However, there are places in each of our lives where we can afford to take a step back from deliberate or forceful measures in order to catch an existing current of flow and movement that is already in place.

Can you think of situations in your life lately where you have felt stuck trying, waiting, struggling, suffering, banging your head, and begging life to do what you're asking it to do? You may not feel like you're taking flight in this area. Take a deep breath, Take a step back in your mind, and Imagine yourself flying like a bird. Your wings have felt locked in place with one fixed idea or thought pattern. Now that you're free of that, you're rising, gliding, and dancing on currents of air that you can't exactly see---but you can feel. Do you feel the buoyancy, as you imagine this scenario?

When you want to go left, the wind supports your flight there. When you want to change direction, your wings find nearby currents to help your flight. When you want to hover for a short time in one spot, you can rest there until a new current comes along that you feel like catching. You are still flying on your own, but the existing currents are helping you take the path of least resistance where possible.

It's okay to catch currents once in a while to get where you want to go---even if you don't know exactly where you're going yet. The bird shows us how satisfying, and how deceptively productive it is to catch airflow and movement that's already happening around you. Whether it's in the area of your health, relationships, career, family, or whatever situation is unique to you at the moment, a natural current can help you get where you want to go. Even without actual wings, we humans can experience the buoyancy, lift, and gliding that birds experience. You just have to be open to catching the currents around you.

This week, observe the currents swirling around you and see which ones you feel like riding!

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