Sunday, June 2, 2013

Here's to Your Quirks!

Whether anyone's around or not, what do you most enjoy about yourself? What makes you You?

Each individual has unique traits that are hard to describe, yet can make that person not just endearing to others but also to themselves. What are these unique traits called? Maybe French speakers would call it a "Je ne sais quoi," meaning something which can not be described with words. These traits can also be called your unique "quirks."

Quirks include the little habits you have without even remembering how they got there. Think about your preferences, food cravings, a few of your favorite things, and anything else that makes you smile or feels familiar when you think about it. Even if no one else is "into" your quirky habit or preference, you still like it regardless of what anyone says. Some quirks are chosen, others just appear over time without you realizing it.

Quirks are a part of who we are, and therefore they are also a part of what makes up health. Some healing and medicinal arts even take your quirks into account before choosing your ultimate remedy or treatment. For example, Homeopathy asks a number of quirky questions as they assess your health profile, including questions about your food cravings, temperature preferences, and whether you keep your room messy or tidy.

Ayurvedic medicine not only finds out your body type and physical traits, but it also explores mental-emotional traits and quirks. Practitioners look into whether you have a creative streak, like to be a perfectionist, enjoy being your own boss, and a number of other behavioral nuances that help make up the individual that you are.

Sometimes a tendency arises to notice other people's quirks and see them as unique and interesting, while simultaneously ignoring our own. What makes it possible for us to appreciate other people's quirks is the fact that each of us has our own. It's healthy to enjoy your personality, so go ahead and celebrate the quirks that you have.

Can you think of an example of a T.V. show you like to watch that celebrates quirks? One popular show that continues to entertain years after its original airing is "Seinfeld," and this is largely because it touches on those unnamable expressions of life that each of us possesses--Quirks! Here are some questions to jog your mind on your signature quirks:

What's your favorite color or number?
What are a few of your favorite things?
What special things do you do in the morning or before bedtime that comfortably set your schedule more than a clock ever could?
How do you talk to your pet?
What is the first food you'll look for in the kitchen when your stomach growls?
What's your favorite cereal?
Do you eat slow or fast? Sip or gulp? Enjoy leftovers or not? Prefer sweet or salty?
Chuckle softly or bust up uncontrollably?

Arguably, no two people will have the same answers to all these questions. No two snowflakes are alike, fingerprints are singular, and you are you. Let your quirks make you laugh. Let them shine. Enjoy them and embrace them. Let them help you through challenging times. And you'll see something cool take place--your quirks will support you in your health at the same time.

Wanna share your quirk? Comment below!

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