Tuesday, October 6, 2015

FREE e-book "The Art of Health" for limited time (10/6-10/10)

Check out this FREE e-book of "The Art of Health" by Aarti Patel, N.D. from 10/6--10/10! Click on the link below:


Free e-book "The Art of Health"


Inside this book you'll find:
  • A different approach toward chronic hard-to-treat symptoms
  • How to pay better attention to the body and its signals
  • Why chronic symptoms are often related to one another
  • Tips for choosing long-term health instead of quick fixes
  • The power of the mind in supporting real health
  • The part that fear plays in health
  • Why labels in health care can be limiting
  • How to picture and live the health that you want
    ...and more


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