Monday, January 21, 2013

What Did She Say? He Said What?

How often do the voices seem to crowd into your mind and say this, and say that--without seeming to say much at all?

The voices can float in from anywhere. Someone you know or someone you don't know. Media. The internet. It's not a ghost story, it's very much a reality. Words hang in the air and they may imply that they somehow know the real you better than you know yourself.

And the tricky thing about the voice cloud is that it may try to exert its influence the most just when you're in your groove, feeling healthy, and doing your thing.

And now for a slight--but related--tangent. I find football-inspired movies to be...well, inspiring. I saw a recent one where the coach is talking to his team right before a very important game. The football players are feeling discouraged and scared about playing a team that popular opinion seems to say is bigger and better than them.

However, up until the players had heard the media, other coaches, and the town pumping up the other team to beat them, it had never occurred to them that they couldn't handle the game and have a fair shake at it too. In fact, they had believed they could win it.

Once they started hearing what other people said, though, they started feeling smaller, less prepared, and destined to lose.

The coach puts on a (masterfully acted) expression and basically poses a question to them: "You all felt you could win it before, and now that a bunch of people you don't even know out there are saying you can't do it--you're gonna give up?" That's not the exact quote, but you get the gist.

An inspiring movie in my opinion (called "Touchback" by the way) and also a powerful question for each of us. Is it worth questioning your own spirit, talent, quirks, personality, and health for the sake of what others are saying out there--both those you know and those you don't know?

Thanks for that cool movie moment, Kurt Russell. Picture what you'd say back to his question.

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